Reinforcing armature brand B500B,B500NC,K500C,A500HW.

Bending, cutting, L=12000.

Standart Re-bar


Baltic countries:                            Finland:                                              
Standard: DIN 488;                       Standard: SFS 1215; SFS 1268        
Technical class: B500B;                  Technical grade: A500HW;               
Diameter: 8 – 40 mm;                    Diameter: 10 – 32mm;                     
Length: up to 14m;                        Length: up to 14m;                               
Package: 1t and 4,5t bundles;         Package: 1t and 4,5t bundles;             


Norway:                                      Sweden:
Standard: NS 3576:3                     Standard: SS 212540
Technical class: B500NC;                Technical class: K500C-T;
Diameter: 10 – 32mm;                   Diameter: 10 - 32mm;
Length: up to 14m;                        Length: up to 14m;  
Package: 1t and 4,5t bundles;         Package: 1t and 4,5t bundles;

Price: from 530 euro/tn

Reinforcing mesh

Standart Mesh

Baltic States:                                   Sweden:
Standard: Din 488                           Standard: SS 212540;
Technical class: Bst500M;                Technical class: NK500AB-W;
Diameter: 5 - 12mm;                       Diameter: 5-12mm;
Length: 3,0 – 6,0m;                          Length: 3,0 – 6,0m;
Width: up to 2,4m;                           Width: up to 2,4m;


Finland:                                           Norway:
Standard: SFS 1201, 1257;              Standard: NS 3576:4;
Technical class: B500K;                   Technical class: B500NA;
Diameter: 5 - 10mm;                      Diameter: 5 - 12mm;
Length: 3,0 – 6,0m;                         Length: 3,0 – 6,0m;
Width: up to 2,4m;                          Width: up to 2,4m;


Price: from 620 euro / tn

For granite



Price: from 630 euro / tn

Reinforcing Wire rope (strand)

Reinforcing strands according to European standards.

BS 5896-1980, prEN 10138-3-2006, certified according to GlobCert